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Why Synergy?

Synergy provides powerful and flexible, yet very easy to use, business management and accounting solutions tailored to the automotive industry. Our success in this industry gave way to recommendations to clients in other industries, so over time we made changes to the core system to suit retail, engineering, plumbing and electrical, livestock and seed dressing to name but a few.

Now Synergy satisfies a wide variety of business requirements through the ability to add on a number of custom designed modules, click here to see our range of products and available modules.

Take a look at our testimonial page to see why our clients choose Synergy to improve their business.

Client Loyalty

The feedback we receive from clients states that our product and support offerings are second to none. We rely on our clients to validate our performance and for this reason Synergy continues to grow in client numbers year on year.

Synergy has been implemented in over 1600 businesses throughout New Zealand.

One of the measures of client loyalty is the turnover of clients using our product. On average we increase our client base by 4-5% per year through bringing on new clients and through the growing businesses of existing clients. More than 60% of our client base have stayed with Synergy for more than seven years. Our client drop off rate is extremely low at less than 1% per year.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of using Synergy’s easy to use software and the best after sales support on offer.

We Listen

Our clients are a large part of our development process. We spend a lot of time listening to, and implementing, our clients requests. For fourteen years Synergy has undertaken rigorous ongoing market analysis to determine the latest business management software requirements for our clients’ businesses.

As a Synergy client, you can feel confident that we're working to continue to provide you with a system that will help improve your business and make your life as a business owner easier.

Moving to Synergy is Easy and Cost Effective

Moving to a new software system can be a scary venture, and it is often a case of “its better the devil you know” that prevents businesses from moving to more capable software.

The cost of moving to a new system can be high in any industry. As well as the initial purchase cost, businesses must think of the large cost of training new staff to use the new software as well as often hidden support costs.

When speaking to potential new clients, we often hear that our direct competition charges up to two times the cost for software, training and support and in the end offer reduced functionality on limited technology platforms.

Changing to Synergy Software offers a lower total cost of ownership than our direct competitor’s products. Synergy will not only give your business greater functionality and access to new technologies that require less support, we will transition your data for a small fee and will offer you free training material to get your staff up to speed.

Synergy can easily convert data from most other software in use throughout New Zealand. This saves you a significant amount of time and greatly simplifies the transition into running a new system for your business.

The Whole Package

Through our strategic partnership with several key IT infrastructure and custom software development organisations throughout New Zealand, Synergy can work with you on the implementation of large computer hardware and network infrastructure and high end customisated software solutions.

Because of this Synergy has provided key involvement in comprehensive solutions from small business through to large franchise operations such as Midas New Zealand and Munns the Mans Store..

Business Intelligence

We work closely with key business partners to ensure we provide you with the best the industry has to offer. From Synergy's extensive and powerful built in reporting to complete integrated SQL and Reporting Services solutions - we can provide the type of Business Intelligence solution to help you get the most out of your business.

Through working key partners, Synergy has enabled a number of very large franchise organizations to incorporate Synergy software into the core of their organization providing head office with specific reports derived from within the Synergy program. This data is then sent to key personnel enabling them to make important informed business decisions regarding targeted relationship marketing, product selection or strategic development. Our solutions have included a full end to end network, hardware and software solution for Midas New Zealand's 32 franchises nationwide.

We endeavour to provide powerful yet easy to use software solutions to enable your business to achieve and improve. With a strong focus on supplying you with the tools to obtain true business intelligence on the key indicators of your businesses performance. We will help you find where you are succeeding and more importantly - where you can improve